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Mechanics (Metric)

Learn, or revise, kinematics, forces, moments and circular motion.

Velocity and Acceleration

The meaning of velocity and acceleration, motion in one and two dimensions, relative velocity.

The meaning of velocity and acceleration.

Motion under constant acceleration: the "suvat" equations.

Motion in two dimensions under gravity; range; greatest height; time of flight.

Relative velocity in two dimensions; points of interception and distance of closest approach.


Diagramming forces, resolving into components, resultant forces, friction, connected particles, statics.

Resolving a force into components in two independent directions.

Friction and its dependence on normal reaction. Motion under a frictional force.

Equilibrium of a particle under zero resultant force.


Centres of mass; moments; equilibrium of a rigid body.

Calculating centres of mass of simple shapes from which simple holes have been cut.

Balancing moments and forces on beams, etc. (1D problems).

Balancing moments and forces on ladders, etc. (2D problems).

Circular Motion

Motion in a circle at constant speed.

Motion in a circle at constant speed; centripetal acceleration and force.