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Statistics and Probability (Metric)

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Tom Baker

Learn, or revise, basic stats, probability, hypothesis testing, estimation, regression and correlation.


The idea of probability; tree diagrams; mutual exclusion and independence.

Probability of an event consisting of equiprobable outcomes.

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Using tree diagrams to calculate probabilities of combined events.


The cases \(P(A\cap B)=0\) and \(P(A\cap B)=P(A)\,P(B)\).


Descriptive Statistics

Histograms; averages and measures of dispersion for ungrouped and grouped data.

Probability Distributions

Discrete distributions (including Binomial, Poisson); continuous distributions (including Normal).

Hypothesis Testing

Null and alternative hypotheses; selecting a test; performing and interpreting a test.


Estimators, standard error and confidence intervals.

Regression and Correlation

Fitting a curve to data, and measuring the correlation of two quantities.

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