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Aeronautics MSc Pre-sessional

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Aeronautics MSc Pre-sessional

Welcome to Imperial College, Department of Aeronautics Pre-sessional Course for prospective MSc students. You can use this course to ensure you are up to speed with the pre-requisite knowledge required for your MSc. 

The course consists of 8 modules. Each module consists of a diagnostic test and a 'Mini Course'.

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These course materials have been added to Möbius to support prospective Aeronautics MSc Students at Imperial College. Only these students may use this resource for their personal, educational use. Further use and sharing of these materials by students or others is prohibited.
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Introductory Mathematics

This test is designed to give you an indication of how well you understand the Mathematics required for your MSc. Once you complete each question, check your response by pressing the ‘How Did I Do’ button. Should you get any of the questions incorrect, we suggest that you study the full Mini Course. You can navigate back to the Mini Course using the hyperlink at the bottom of the feedback area labelled “available here”.

Lesson 0.0 / 12.0 (0.0%)

This course is designed to be concise. It contains all the essential knowledge required for studying our MSc, which is more than is needed to pass the diagnostic test. We advise you to complete the full mini course and answer all questions correctly. You do not have to retake the diagnostic test.

Lesson Not yet graded

Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics

Programming 1- MATLAB

Programming 2- C++

Stress Analysis

Introduction to Compressible Flow

Aircraft Peformance and Flight Mechanics

Control Theory

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