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Integration (Metric)

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Tom Baker

Learn, or revise, techniques of integration (parts, substitution, partial fractions, reduction formulae) and applications to areas in the plane and volumes of revolution.


Integration by parts, by substitution and with the use of partial fractions (A-level topics); improper integrals and reduction formulae (Further Maths topics).

The use of the formula \(\int u\,dv=u\,v-\int v\,du\).

Lesson Not yet graded

Integration using substitution, or change of variable.

Lesson 0.0 / 6.0 (0.0%)

Integration of rational functions by reducing them to partial fractions.

Lesson Not yet graded

Integrals between \(a\) and \(\infty\); convergence and non-convergence.

Lesson Not yet graded

Integration of \(I_n=\int f_n(x)\,dx\) by expression \(I_n\) in terms of \(I_{n-1}\) or \(I_{n-2}\).

Lesson Not yet graded


Areas between curves, and volumes of revolution. This is an A-level topic, which Science and Engineering courses at Imperial will assume you know.

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